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The Positive Planner really is a journal with a difference.


It's a 12-week journey of self-care, gratitude and daily positivity, created by The Positive Planner to encourage users to make journaling and mindfulness an everyday practice.


Beautifully designed from the outside in, this bright yellow hard-backed journal features a fabric cover and bookmark, originally designed artwork and illustrations throughout, and inspirational quotes and activities.


What you’ll find inside:


* Daily intentions and evening reflections

* Weekly meal planners and shopping lists

* Positive affirmations

* Three four-week calendars and mood trackers

* Activities for mindfulness

* Activities to encourage positive thinking


Many people find that journaling is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and sleep better at night. It helps us get thoughts onto paper so they don't linger, assisting your mind in shutting down quickly and falling into REM sleep, where the mind and body may heal. It also helps us feel more grounded and less anxious about events happening in our lives.


The Positive Planner helps with organisation, whilst most importantly improving mental health and wellbeing.


It's a great starting point for someone looking to make self-care a regular practice.

The Positive Planner

£24.00 Regular Price
£20.40Sale Price
  • Bright yellow hard-backed journal with a fabric cover

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