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about but first, sleep

Image by Léonard Cotte


but first sleep is an online store featuring dreamy things to help you get a good night's sleep.

We are British-based and champion British brands, and we're proud to support companies both large and small.   

We stock everything from teas, tinctures and sleep journals to candles, bath salts and massage oils - and lots of lovely things in between!

So take a break and have a browse... we're always happy to help.


but first, sleep is the brainchild of our founder and director Kate, a lifelong thalassophile, dog lover, trainer addict and poor sleeper.

 Balancing a long-term neurological condition with work and family life, means that sleep is often in short supply.


Kate has tried lots of different things to help, from cosmetic to chemical, often with various side effects and success rates.

but first, sleep is a collection of natural products, curated in person by Kate, that she has tried, tested and loves.


Hopefully they can help you, too! 


Image by John-Mark Strange


but first sleep is proud to be British-based and to support British brands, both big and small.

In fact, we're based in the breathtakingly beautiful Somerset countryside, in the South West of England.

Our location, the people and the lifestyle of this glorious county are incredibly inspirational, and we're proud - and very lucky - to call this magical place home.

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