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Interstellar relaxation from Spacemasks.


These self-heating eye masks transport you to another dimension - relieving tiredness, eye strain, headaches and other Earthly tensions.


A must-have for cosy and relaxing self-care evenings, these luxe, self-heating eye masks promote relaxation thanks to an infusion of calming jasmine and iron particles, which give gentle air-activated warmth.


Jasmine's sweet, rich florals are said to boost happiness and increase confidence, as well as reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and anger.


They are gentle on the skin and eyes, and are perfect for flights, long journeys, and super relaxing baths. Or you can simply keep them by your bed and pop one on when you need a bit of 'me' time, or some help getting to sleep.


Each reusable mask can be used as often as needed, however the heating element is single-use.


Choose from a box of five individually-wrapped foil Spacemasks or one mask in a single sachet.

Spacemasks - jasmine

PriceFrom £3.36
  • Essence of jasmine and iron powder

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