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If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, changing your diet could make all the difference.


Aiming for a solid eight-hours is the perfect excuse to tuck into a nut butter and banana toastie right before bed, or fill up on a creamy chicken risotto at dinner.


Indulge in these comforting suppers and snacks, healthy sweet treats, and soothing bedtime drinks to calm your body and mind before bedtime.


Eat to Sleep is packed with 80 delicious recipes from health and cookery writer, Heather Thomas, and nutritionist and food consultant, Alina Tierney, that will help you nod off and rise refreshed.


Every single recipe is chock-full of the nutrients that boost sleep hormones and keep your body clock on track, naturally, and you will feel the benefits all day long.

Eat To Sleep

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  • Rich blue 144-page recipe book with a sturdy hard-backed cover

  • 19cm x 17cm