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Unlock your subconscious dreams to improve your waking life.


Along with inspirational quotes about dreams and dreaming from literary and historical figures, wellbeing experts and psychoanalysists such as Sigmund Freud, you will discover some of the most common meanings behind your dreams - such as flying, falling, teeth falling out and being chased.


Suggestions for ways to harness this understanding and to channel it into all areas of your waking life are also given throughout by author Lisa Read, as well as fascinating facts and figures.


It can also help you find answers to the problems weighing on your mind, resolve emotional issues, and become more self-aware and perceptive - it's an indispensable little bedtime book.

The Little Book of Dreams

£5.99 Regular Price
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  • Rich blue-coloured 192-page book with a hard-backed cover

  • 13.7cm x 11.3cm